Friday, March 9, 2007

My Mom's Birthday

This morning I woke up with the worst morning sickness yet. I was really wishing Brad were here, so he could take of me. I am probably being a bit of a baby, but I hate being nauseous, and it didn't help that the dogs were all of the sudden needing attention and a potty break when I felt the worst. I spoke with Dad telling him I was sick again and he thinks it's a boy. Ha! I think he secretly would like it to be a boy. I think that would be wonderful for Dad to have a grandson to go fishing and hunting with.
Today just happens to be my mother's birthday so as I lay in bed I called her and she said she was sick from inhaling too much dust at Grandmama's. Wonderful to be sick on your birthday, isn't it? So anyway, we commiserated with one another over our "illnesses," and had a laugh about an incident Mom and Dad had this morning at Bagelhead's involving a bagel and a sausage pepperjack stick.
I wish I could be there with everyone celebrating Mom's and our family friend Jade Neal's birthday.
I just need to keep myself busy and not think about it I guess.

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