Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Braxton-Hicks Contractions

So yesterday and today, I felt BHC for the first time. They were pretty uncomfortable, but short-lived. At our appointment today we found out Isaac is head down! Super excited about that. Didn't know they moved into position so early. Now he just needs to stay that way till he comes!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Things about pregnancy I'm learning to embrace

So, when you find out your pregnant, of course, you think immediately about the end result of it--the baby! and have no idea what is in store for you emotionally, physically and mentally. Because you're pregnant, you have no choice really in what happens over the next nine months! So what do you do? You learn to embrace each new change whether it be physical, emotional or mental. The physical changes have been what is most noticeable for me. So here are the top ten things I have learned to embrace about pregnancy (in no particular order).

1. I'm gonna have to get something to eat every 3 hours.
2. If I eat too much, I am going to possibly have the urge to regurge especially while bending over to pick something up.
3. Sticking my toothbrush too far back while trying to clean my tongue is not a good idea if I want to keep my food down.
4. I am 35 pounds over weight and counting, and I just need to move past it and know it's all for the baby.
5. Stretch marks are inevitable and will continue to crop up until I give birth to our little man.
6. I'm gonna be hot no matter what I do...well, unless I go somewhere where the temperature is 70 degrees or below.
7. I will not be able to sleep through the night because I have to pee every 30 minutes to an hour.
8. It will continue to get harder to do things around the house because I get hot and exhausted more easily than before pregnancy.
9. My ankles swell if I sit or stand for too long.
10. I will have to learn to maneuver around this basketball better as it gets bigger.

Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant, and not all of it has been bad. I do love waking up in the middle of the night feeling Isaac moving. I also like picking out all the bedding and other baby things we'll need for Isaac. And I love that Brad and I have grown closer through this pregnancy.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My biggest fear!

If anyone sees me wearing these one day, please call the fashion police on me!

Friday, August 10, 2007

My first official maternity photo

So Brad and I got our butts in gear and took the first of 12 photos for our baby album. We have 12 weeks+ left till Isaac is supposed to come. It's so great having a photographer as a husband! He's pure genius with a camera. I can't wait till Isaac's here. Poor kid is gonna think he's got a Cyclops for a dad.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Chiropractic Care

So Brad and I ran into one of the gals from our Bradley class. She is married to a chiropractor and she ended up having her baby three and a half weeks early and only had 2 1/2 hours of active labor. FIRST CHILD! I was blown away. Well, of course, she said that her husband has never had a patient have a labor longer than 6 hours, so I'm thinking, SIGN ME UP! So today I went to the chiropractor for the very first time. He is great. I am glad that Brad and I decided to meet with him. Not only does he have a good track record for short labors, but he also has a 96% success rate for turning breech babies. So here's hoping I don't screw up his wonderful record!