Sunday, September 23, 2007

Must find safe place

It's 1 A.M. and I was awakened to the sound of sirens, my dog Marcus barking followed by the sound of a tazer gun going off. Brad rushes to the door, comes back and says "I think they're in our driveway. Stay inside!" Gets on his shorts and goes out the front door...Sure enough there was a Hispanic man hiding under our truck and a policeman on foot had found him and tazed him. A cop car pulls up in front of our house and asks Brad if he wants to file a trespassing report while another police officer goes in our backyard looking for another suspect! Am I living in some kind of freaking NIGHTMARE? Keep in mind while I am writing this little narrative, a helicopter is flying over our neighborhood and the surrounding area looking for the other guy that they searched for in our backyard.
I told Brad I couldn't give birth to our first child in this house! I don't feel safe anymore, obviously. He agrees. So I guess we'll be looking for a place to live here pretty quick. He really needs to find a job, too. If you are a fellow Christian reading this please say a little prayer for our family and especially Brad and his job search...

Hope I can fall asleep tonight.

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