Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pregnant belly

The photo attached is of Brad, the dogs, and I at Palmer Park! Brad's good friend Steve took this photo a couple weekends back. I am a little bigger now, but you get the idea. You can really see that I've put on weight all over. I went to the midwive's office this afternoon and weighed in at 183. 4 more weeks to go; I might just get up to 190 before all is said and done. EEK! Well, it's worth it to have a cute little bundle to love and care for. She also informed me that Isaac's head is further down in my pelvis than two weeks ago, which she said indicated a shorter dilation time. Yay for me!
In other news, had my first "belly rub" from a complete stranger tonight. I went to the grocery the store and the bagger reached over, rubbed my belly in a circular motion, and said, "Buddha belly!" My first impulse was to slap her hand away, and then I thought, oh what the heck, what harm does it do. So yeah, strangers beware, next time I might not be in such a generous mood!

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The Masons said...

Oh, don't worry, it is not about the numbers on the scale. (At least that's what I keep telling myself too cause I just hit 200 and still have 6 weeks- yikes!) It just kills me how many women just feel the belly. One says, "Public property!" Umm, yea, not really!