Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top Ten Mommy Must-Haves

These are my top ten must haves in no particular order, because I believe every mommy should have these for her baby! Comments on these or other products you've found invaluable to making baby happy are very welcome!

1. Cradle Swing--if you can afford it or find it used I love the cradle swing that swings back and forth or side to side

2. Papasan chair or bouncing chair--this is essential to distracting your infant (0-4 months) while you do things like take a shower or cook dinner.

3. Pack 'n' Play--great for trips and using when your baby gets older to take outside if you want to do yard work, garden or wash your car.

4. Exersaucer--I started using this once my son was 4 months old. It replaced the papasan chair I had used as soon as he was able to sit up.

5. Boppy for breast feeding mothers and First Years Breastflow technology bottles for breast feeding and formula supplementing mommies-- The boppy is wonderful; it made getting Isaac into the right position so easy for me, especially when he was little. The Breast flow technology bottles I found invaluable for keeping my son on the breast longer as well as switching back and forth between the breast and formula.

6. Swaddle Me blankets--Forget about receiving blankets, SwaddleMe's are the best for getting baby calmed down and tucked in. These specially sown "blankets" are already complete with flaps and velcro to swaddle and secure baby's arms and legs in two easy steps--swaddle and fasten!

7. Robeez shoes--not only are these shoes soft soled, so they are good for baby's feet, but they have an elastic band at the ankle that keeps both socks and shoes on all day long!

8. Beco Baby carrier--if you can afford this you have bought an invaluable product! This carrier is BETTER than a Baby Bjorn carrier not only because of the back support it provides, but the versatility of front or back carrying. It can be used for baby from newborn-45 pounds. I have found my Beco Carrier invaluable especially when going on long trips by airplane.

9. American Red Cross 17-pc. Health and Grooming Kit--I am so glad I got this! I still use many things in this kit and take it on trips out of town because you never know when you might need something--great thing to have on hand.

10. BabyLegs, Hugalugs, or similar--These are wonderful for babies starting to crawl especially if you have carpet. They are cute, come in a variety of patterns and colors, and save those chubby baby legs from rug burn!

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