Monday, March 1, 2010

To spank or not to spank

I know that people out there will disagree with me, but I believe that spanking is sometimes beneficial for correction. I do not always spank my child when he is being disobedient--there are other alternatives, but to say that spanking is not beneficial in any instance is ignorant. Studies have shown that spanking can be good for children under the age of 6.,2933,581882,00.html

The question is how and when spanking should be administered. If you are angry, you should resort to other methods than spanking to prevent excessive hitting. When Isaac is not listening or does something that gets my blood boiling, I send him to his room. For Isaac, being separated from me and the rest of the family members is usually a good way to say, "If you can't behave, then you can't be with us right now. When you decide you want to behave, you can come out of your room." I always try to talk to Isaac as if he is a young adult. I want him to understand from an early age that certain behaviors are not acceptable in our house. It's called setting boundaries. He is a good little boy overall, but from time to time he needs reminding that he is not allowed to do whatever he likes. There are rules that Brad and I have put in place for his protection and his benefit.

When I spank Isaac, it is usually for doing something that he has been told numerous times not to do. It is just a light swat that is meant to get his attention. And with a huge cloth diaper on his bottom, you can hardly call it painful. The point of a spanking, in my opinion, is to get their attention, not to beat them into submission.


The Masons said...

Well said! Sometimes I just really need to get Jacinda's attention and a swat to her thigh definitely does that! I choose the thigh because the bottom is well padded and doesn't get her attention like the thigh doees, not that I want to hurt her but it just drives the point across that much better.

laurensmommy said...

I agree with you, Sarah! We use spanking in combination with other discipline and 9 times out of 10, we spank when we have told Lauren something repeatedly (as in 2 times or more!) and she is still being disobedient.

I don't have a problem with spanking unless it is done out of anger. That is when children can get hurt- physically and emotionally.